Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Seek & Spot?
Seek&Spot is a mobile game platform that can be used to make Scavenger Hunt, Geocaching, Gamification adventure games. All Seek&Spot game can be created by you, the players - You can create your own private Seek&Spot for just your family or friends – Or make it public so that others can participate.

For a quick fun, you can use the “Find Me” function to create a quick Seek&Spot in your mobile device and quickly ask your friend to find your location. Furthermore, you can always choose to create a more advance and complicated Seek&Spot in the web-app using the same account that you’ve created using the mobile app.

A Seek&Spot can have several waypoints. A waypoint can have several hints and several tasks. A Hint can be a text, picture, audio, or video. A Task can be find a location (GPS), puzzword, answer a question, take a photo, scan a QR code, find someone, free form answer, fill-in the blank, order items, match pairs or multiple choice.

In addition, the application is available in multiple languages and provide other functions such as individual/group chat, send participants reminders, information tracking and reporting, library for Seek&Spot search, player invite (by code or email)..

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