Frequently Asked Questions

3. What can I do with Seek & Spot?
With Seek&Spot you can:

  • Create and play your own private or public Geocaching, Treasure Hunt, Hide & Seek and Scavenger Hunt adventure with family or friends.
  • Create a quick game with the "Find Me" function for your friend to find you.
  • Create Game as a Tour Guide or Museum Guide for touring a new City using the GPS or QR functions
  • Create a community games for Charity or Social functions.
  • Views targets, invite other players to enjoy the game.
  • Provide quiz tool or QR codes to verify target.
  • Real time update user location to server.
  • Add friends, invite to play or simply chat with them.
  • Scan a QR Barcode to get information.
Please visit the following link to explore more features in the following linkĀ

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